The products of the Phonecklace will make both your casual look and formal look stand out. Considering that the products make direct contact with the skin, we made our products allergy-free. Additionally, these are ultralight to avoid shoulder fatigue. The plating is done in one of the best factories in Korea (products are coated with 14k gold plating, nickel-free nontoxic plating, and a powder coating). These products clearly display the expertise with which the Phonecklaces are produced. We are confident that you will notice the difference between our products and other brands that also have a uniform shape and use low-cost materials.

Phonecklace Strap Case makes using your phone handsfree. It keeps your phone in close contact with your body, but at the same time, it does not interfere when you are riding bicycles, carrying stuff in both hands, walking a dog, etc. However, the straps can be burdensome when using your phone for a long time at home, or when you want to place it on your dashboard or charging stand. In that case, you can simply detach the strap. Phonecklace Strap Case is easily detachable. Gift Phonecklace to yourself and your loved ones so that their hands can be used for doing something better!

The Phonecklace strap has a ‘logo ring’ that allows you to freely adjust the length of the strap. The length of chain that passes through the ‘logo ring’ can be shortened by up to half its length. Try hanging your AirPods case, charms, and various other items on the ‘logo ring.’ Hanging the AirPods case on the ring will eliminate the risk of losing it, and hanging your personal belongings on it will make it easy for you to get ready to go out. The straps can also be used as a strap for clutch bags. You can also use it as a chain for eyeglasses or sunglasses. It can also be an amazing item for layering with the accessories you have. Try attaching the string straps to your high-cost cameras or action cameras when you travel. You will be able to secure both style and safety at once.

The appearance and functions of smart phones are upgraded frequently. With this knowledge in mind, Phonecklace made the case and the strap individually so that each part can be purchased separately. Your existing strap can still be used even if you change your device, and you can share straps with a lover or with family members. It is even more practical because you can match various straps to your everyday style. We at Phonecklace believe that manufacturing durable products, rather than single-use or consumable products, is the only way to enhance customer dignity and contribute to maintaining a healthy global environment.