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  • Wearing Your Phone

    PHONECKLACE proposes a new paradigm and new lifestyle.
    Don’t look into your bag or rush back into café finding your phone.
    Do not drop it from your hand, break it, or drop it into the water.

    Instead of keeping your phone in pocket or bag, express yourself in
    your own style as if you were wearing an accessory.

    Enjoy unprecedented beauty and functionality at the
    same time with PHONENECKLACE.


    The phone strap I first encountered at the Berlin Premium fair was a
    special moment that changed the career of a fairly popular handbag designer.

    Through experience and network accumulated as a designer,
    quality materials and skilled artisans were met, and unique and sophisticated PHONECKLACE items were created through constant sampling and testing.

  • Sustainable Product

    PHONECKLACE constantly challenges for sustainable product development.
    Each of the 12 metal parts with engraved logo contains the craftsman's know-how.

    The ‘O-ring’, which is made by drilling a 2mm hole in the corner of the bumper and
    assembling metal parts, boasts durability that can withstand a 3kg fire extinguisher.

    We select the most appropriate thickness and tangle-free functional chain for
    use with mobile phones, and insist on real jewelry plating for gold and
    nickel-free plating for silver to prevent allergies.

    The Super Clear Bumper Case combines acrylic polycarbonate and
    TPU materials to make your phone stand out even more as it has
    high transparency and mold lines are unvisible.

  • O-ring with 12 metal parts
    can withstand 3kg load

  • 14K gold-plated 58g, top grade allergy-free
    Made in Korea Aluminum Chain

  • Acrylic Polycarbonate X
    TPU Super Clear Bumper Case

  • Mix & Match

    The various and luxurious PHONECKLACE strap
    go well with any style and occasion.

    More than 70 types of straps, such as luxurious chain straps
    and casual rope straps, can be matched in various ways depending
    on the mood and TPO, day by day.

    The length of the strap can be changed freely, so it can be coordinated from a
    crossbody to a shoulder, from a necklace to a bracelet.

    The high usability of the PHONECKLACE does not stay with a smartphone,
    but can be sensuously matched with various products such as AirPods, key rings,
    card wallets, and sunglasses.

  • CI/BI Introduction

    Corporate Identity

    PHONECKLACE was born from the combination of
    two nouns: PHONE (cell phone) + NECKLACE (necklace).

    Call it Phone Necklace so that it can be easily remembered.

    The symbol design expresses the phonecklace's signature product,
    the strap, twisted into P and N, as a brand identity.



All products of PHONECKLACE are K-FASHION brands that are made in Korea through self-planning, design, mold, production, and processing.

Knowing that only good quality based on a high understanding of the production process is the survival value of the brand and can enhance the dignity
of consumers, we make decisions and manage them meticulously and strictly from material selection to design.

The PHONECKLACE is popularly sold on fashion platforms such as Wconcept, Musinsa Store, and 29cm.
In Japan, where many consumers choose and purchase high-quality products, PHONECKLACE have been successful at Yurakucho Marui Department Store
and Shibuya Hikarie Department Store, etc., and are receive approval from Japanese consumers.

We are committed to the philosophy that design without quality is meaningless.